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Worship with Us

Bible Study

Online Via Zoom
Every Monday at 8:30 PM

Join us every Monday for an online Bible study that is great for those interested in faith or people unfamiliar with the Bible. Each week, we to dig in to a passage of scripture together. Our study is lead by Fr. Daniel, but is discussion-based and focused on life application. We'd love to have you!

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Divine Liturgy

Every Sunday
from 8:45-11:30 AM

In Person at
37 Church Mall 
Springfield, NJ

Sunday Schedule

  • Matins: 8:45

  • Liturgy: 9:30

    • Gospel & Kids Sermon: 10:15​

  • Adults Sermon: 11:30

Children will be escorted to Sunday School before the Adults Sermon. Fellowship and refreshments are enjoyed following the liturgy in the church basement.

What is the Divine Liturgy?

The Divine Liturgy in the Coptic Orthodox Church is the central and most sacred act of worship. The church celebrates from the Liturgy of Saint Basil, Saint Gregory, or Saint Cyril. The Divine Liturgy includes the words and Covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ spoken at the Last Supper. It includes the consecration of bread and wine, which become the body and blood of Christ, according to John 6. Every part of the Coptic Orthodox Liturgy has its origins in the Bible, from the prayers and hymns to the daily readings. Worship is divided into several main sections, beginning with pre-services of Matins and prayers from the Book of Hours (called the "Agpeya"). Next is the Liturgy, which includes the Offering, where the finest bread is selected and the wine is presented. In the Anaphora, the church is lifted up into the holy presence of the throne of God surrounded by angels in preparation for the Epiclesis (Greek for "invocation of the Holy Spirit"), where the bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Christ. The liturgy culminates in the distribution of Holy Communion, where the faithful partake of the true presence of Christ to become one with Him and with each other.



Every Saturday at 7:15 pm

37 Church Mall
Springfield, NJ

What is Vespers?

Vespers in the Coptic Orthodox Church is a significant liturgical service held in the evening, typically observed on Saturday evenings and the eves of major feasts. It is a part of the daily cycle of prayers and worship, which includes various hymns, psalms, and biblical readings. During Vespers, we gather to offer praise and thanksgiving to God, seeking spiritual reflection and preparation for the upcoming liturgy. The service includes the lighting of candles (symbolizing angelic light and the presence of the Holy Spirit), and raising of incense (symbolizing our prayers rising to Heaven).


Our Location

First Presbyterian Church of Springfield
37 Church Mall
Springfield, NJ

We are currently renting space at First Presbyterian Church of Springfield. There is ample parking available for your vehicle at the back of the building. If you are entering from the back, you may use the ground level door to the right. Our room is located on the third floor of the building (follow the posted signs to direct you).

Accessibility: Please note that we rent space in an older building which does not have an elevator and is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible at this time. If you need assistance getting up the stairs to our space, please let us know and a volunteer will be happy to meet you at the ground-level door.


We'd love to hear from you.

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Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 4628

Warren, NJ


(908) 444-6734

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